Flowers we saw in late 2019

September 24, 2019
Hyland Lake Park Reserve
Heath aster, Blue aster, Pink aster, Goldenrod, Stiff goldenrod, Bottle gentian, Yellow gentian, Blazing star, Coneflower, Sunflower, Virginia mountain mint

September 1, 2019
Hyland Lake Park Reserve
Yellow gentian, Great blue lobelia, Bergamot, Aster, Goldenrod, Stiff goldenrod, Spotted Joe-pye weed, Black-eyed Susan, Big bluestem, Canada wild rye, Blazing star, Whorled milkweed, Prairie onion, Butterflyweed, Round-headed bush clover, Ironweed, White turtlehead

August 31, 2019
Blaine Wetlands Sanctuary
Black-eye Susan, Canada wild rye, Blue vervain, Goldenrod, Boneset, Jewelweed, Daisy fleabane, Marsh skullcap, Smartweed, Field milkwort, Spotted Joe-pye weed, Meadowsweet, Aster grass-leaved goldenrod, Grey-headed coneflower, Blue aster

Woolans Park
Spotted Joe pye weed, Field milkwort, Goldenrod, Hoary vervain, Blue vervain, Arrowleaf, Grass-leaved goldenrod, Meadowsweet, Flat-top aster, Slender-leaved false foxglove, Purple false foxglove

Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area
Whorled milkweed, Round-headed bush clover, Primrose, Big bluestem, Flat-top aster, White turtlehead, Arrowleaf, Smartweed, Spotted Joe-pye weed, Boneset, Black-eyed Susan, Side-flowering (calico) aster, Bergamot, Fragrant giant hyssop, Indian grass, Nodding (or Great Plains) ladies’-tresses, Bottle gentian, Purple prairie clover, Prunella, Smartweed

August 16, 2019
Falls Creek SNA
Gray-headed coneflower, daisy fleabane, Culver’s root, downy rattlesnake plantain and done blooming: lily-leaved twayblade, starflower, bloodroot, Canada mayflower, hepatica, wild ginger, bluebead lily, Jack-in-the-pulpit, milkweed

August 16, 2019
Seminary Fen SNA
Goldenrod, monarda, evening primrose, vervain, rough blazing star, side oats gramma, big bluestem, daisy fleabane, milkweed, stiff goldenrod, cup plant

August 6, 2019
St. Ignace Island, Lake Superior
Indian pipe, twinflower, lesser rattlesnake plantain

August 2, 2019
Moon Harbor, Lake Superior
One-flowered pyrola, buttercup, twinflower, prunella

August 1, 2019
Grand Marais Harbor
Common butterwort, Hudson Bay eyebright

July 28, 2019
Frontenac State Park 
Whorled milkweed, spiderwort, black-eyed Susan, gray-headed coneflower, bergamot, daisy fleabane, big bluestem, rattlesnake master round-headed bush clover, vervain, butterfly weed, prairie blazing star, St. John’s wort, yarrow, stiff goldenrod, purple prairie clover, purple coneflower
Kellogg Weaver Dunes SNA
vervain, whorled milkweed, milkweed, prairie sage, monarda, spotted bee balm, primrose, Sullivant’s milkweed, spiderwort, Canada wild rye, grass-leaved goldenrod, flowering spurge, rough blazing star, puccoon, leadplant, white prairie clover, partridge pea, cinquefoil

July 27, 2019
Pin Oak Prairie SNA  
Vervain, bergamot, whorled milkweed, milkweed, swamp milkweed, black-eyed Susan, big bluestem, yarrow, monarda, gray-headed coneflower, harebell, American bellflower, puccoon, prunella, Culver’s root, Sullivant’s milkweed, flowering spurge, round-headed bush clover
Mound Prairie SNA
Partridge pea, flowering spurge, monarda, spotted bee balm, whorled milkweed, gray-headed coneflower  lead plant, stiff goldenrod, coreopsis, cylindrical blazing star, green milkweed, narrow leaf milkweed, side oats gramma, hairy gramma

July 18, 2019
Kilen Woods State Park
Gray-headed coneflower, butterflyweed, wild bergamot, milkweed, vervain

July 7, 2019
Lake Bemidji Bog Boardwalk
Tuberous grass pink orchids, showy lady’s-slippers, purple pitcher plant, blue flag, cottongrass, purple pitcher plant, twinflower, tufted loosestrife, round-leaved sundew, and shinleaf as well as many soon-to-be-ripe blueberries.

July 6, 2019
Iron Springs Bog
Showy lady’s-slipper, bunchberry, shinleaf, northern green orchid, tall northern bog orchid, twinflower, wild sarsaparilla, early coralroot, cottongrass, stemless lady’s-slipper, purple pitcher plant, small round-leaved orchid, green adder’s-mouth

July 6, 2019
Mound Prairie SNA
Coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, Michigan lily, common yarrow, columbine, common milkweed, green milkweed, narrow-leaved milkweed, harebell, daisy fleabane, flowering spurge, clammy ground cherry, compass plant, pale-spike lobelia, woodland sunflower and blue vervain.


June 30, 2019
Sletten Lake, Superior National Forest

Blue flag iris, Bunchberry, Starflower, Bluebead lily, Wild sarsaparilla, Canada mayflower, Wild calla, Stemless lady’s-slipper, Tufted loosestrife, Twinflower, Leatherleaf, Pink corydalis, Pitcher plant, Marsh skullcap, Small cranberry, Bog rosemary, Spatulate-leaf sundew, Pond lily, Water lily

June 26, 2019
Long Lake Conservation Center
Dragon’s mouth orchid, Rose pagonia, Purple pitcher plant flower, Round-leaved sundew, Grass pink orchid in bud, Blue flag iris, Cotton grass, Wild calla, Small cranberry,Tufted loosestrife

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