Flowers we are seeing now! 2021

Status of Minnesota Native Wildflowers we are seeing:
State Endangered: A species is considered endangered if the species is threatened with extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range within Minnesota.
State Threatened: A species is considered threatened if the species is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range within Minnesota.
State Special Concern: A species is considered a species of special concern if, although the species is not endangered or threatened, it is extremely uncommon in Minnesota, or has unique or highly specific habitat requirements and deserves careful monitoring of its status. Species on the periphery of their range that are not listed as threatened may be included in this category along with those species that were once threatened or endangered but now have increasing or protected, stable populations.
Federally Threatened: A species is likely to become endangered nationally within the foreseeable future

Prairies, April 2021
Morton Outcrops SNA, Ottawa Bluffs, River Terrace Prairie SNA, Pin Oak Prairie SNA, Mound Prairie SNA, Cedar Rock WMA
Carolina cranesbill leaves
Northern Idaho biscuitroot
Western rock jasmine
Wood Betony
Carolina whitlow grass
Yellow whitlow-grass
Carolina anemone

Woods, April 2021
Chamberlain Woods SNA, Fillmore County woods, Zumbro Falls Woods SNA, Carley State Park, Nerstrand Woods State Park, Hastings hillside, Hidden Falls Regional Park
Trout lily leaves trying
Spring beauty (April 4)
Snow trilliums almost in bloom (April 4)
Jeweled shooting star leaves (April 4)
Sharp-lobed hepatica (April 4)
Bluebells in bud (April 4)
False rue anemone (April 5)
Bloodroot (April 5)
Cutleaf toothwort in bud (April 5)
Trout lily in bud (April 5)
Sharp-lobed hepatica (April 5)
Marsh marigold in bud (April 5)
Snow trillium blooming (April 5)

Prairies, March 2021
Grey Cloud Dunes SNA, McKnight Prairie, River Terrace Prairie SNA
Pasqueflower, very tiny bud (March 13)

Woods, March 2021
Nine Mile Creek, Bloomington, Hillside in Hasting, Nerstrand Woods State Park
Skunk cabbage (March 3, Although we were not the first to see them, I saw someone posted that they saw them Feb. 26….amazing!)
Barred owl
Snow trillium, very tiny bud (March 13)
Trout lily just starting
Scarlet cup
Anemone leaves
Sharp-lobed hepatica