Flowers we saw in 2020

Woods, December 2020
Cascade River State Park
Ghost pipe in seed
Bunchberry in seed
Starflower in seed
Western spotted coralroot in seed
Stemless lady’s-slipper leaves
Bluebead lily leaves
One-flowered pyrola
Canada mayflower
(See blogpost December 21, 2020 for images)

Woods, November 2020
Mary Schmidt Crawford SNA
Putty-root orchid leaves
Hepatica leaves
Sarsaparilla in seed

Wetlands and Prairies, October 2020
Wollan Park
Blood milkwort
Twisted-yellow grass

Prairie Flowers, September 2020
Helen Allison Savanna SNA, St. Croix Savanna SNA, High Island Creek Park, Kasota Prairie SNA, Yellow Banks Hill SNA, Bluestem Prairie SNA, Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, Ottertail Prairie SNA, Western Prairie SNA, Frenchman’s Bluff SNA, Richard M. and Mathilde Rice Elliot SNA, Felton Prairie SNA, Bonanza Prairie SNA, Clinton Prairie SNA, Grey Cloud Dunes SNA
Bottle gentian
Downey gentian
Lesser fringe gentian
Cross-leaved milkwort (state endangered)
Blood milkwort
Cylindric blazing star
Rough blazing star
Northern plains blazing star
Dotted blazing star
Zigzag goldenrod
Showy goldenrod
Stiff goldenrod
Gray goldenrod
Ball cactus with fruit
Brittle cactus
Pale corydalis
Wild four o’clock
Cut-leaf ironplant (state special concern)
Missouri milkvetch leaves (state special concern)
Kalm’s lobelia
Blanketflower gone to seed (state special concern)
Grass of parnassus
Sea beach needle grass (state special concern)
Partridge pea
Little bluestem
Prairie cottonweed

Woods and wetlands, September 2020
Rush River County Park
Autumn coral root
Ghost pipe (Monotropa uniflora)
Jack-in-the-pulpit in fruit

Prairie Flowers, August 2020
Morton Outcrops SNA, Gneiss Outcrops SNA, Helen Allison Savanna SNA, Twin Lakes SNA, Pickerel Lake in St. Paul
Brittle prickly pear cactus
Showy goldenrod
Thyme-leaved spurge
Butterfly weed in pod
Narrow-leaved purple coneflower
Rock spikemoss
Prairie onion
Prairie ironweed
False pennyroyal
Englemann’s spike rush
Halber-leaved rose mallow
Round-headed bush clover
Spotted beebalm
Sweet everlasting
Blue giant hyssop
Fourpoint (rhombic) evening primrose (state special concern)
Cleland’s evening primrose
Small-flowered fame flower in bud
Rough-seeded fameflower (state threatened)
Bottle gentian
Stiff gentian
Fringed gentian
Partridge pea
Smooth rattlesnake-root (glaucous white lettuce)
White rattlesnake-root
Prickly pear cactus in fruit
Silky prairie clover
Rough blazing star

Woods, wetlands, shores, August 2020
Blue Lake near Emily, MN, Long Lake Conservation Center, Hasting on Hwy. 86
Cardinal flower
Sundew in bloom
Rose pogonia
Indian pipe
Slender false foxglove
Nodding bur-marigold
Grass-leaved goldenrod
Broad-leaf arrowhead

Prairie Flowers, July 2020
Schaefer Prairie, Reagents Meadow, Roscoe Prairie, Hayden Prairie, McKnight Prairie, River Terrace Prairie SNA, Pine Bend Bluff SNA, Hyland Lake Park Preserve, Kasota Prairie SNA, Butternut Valley SNA, Helen Allison Savanna SNA
Wood lily
Michigan Lily
Purple Prairie Clover
Showy tick-trefoil
Prairie phlox
Stiff goldenrod (not in bloom)
Black-eyed Susan
White prairie clover
Purple prairie clover
Common milkweed
Culver’s root
Gray-headed coneflower
Prairie sage
Virginia mountain mint
Hoary frostweed
Tall rue
Blazing star (not in bloom)
Poison ivy
Whorled milkweed
Hoary vervain
Wood lily
Pale-spike lobelia
Blue vervain
Showy milkweed
Michigan lily
Silverleaf scurfpea
Daisy fleabane
Prairie alumroot leaves
Mountain death camas
Little bluestem
False indigo gone to seed (state special concern)
Prairie rose
Prairie milkweed (state threatened)
Western prairie fringed orchid (federally threatened, state endangered)
White wild indigo (state special concern)
Rattlesnake master (state special concern)
Wild quinine (state endangered)
Green milkweed
Wild bergamont
Compass plant
Spotted horsemint
Yellow sundrop
Woodland sunflower
Butterfly-weed, red
Prairie coreopsis
Missouri goldenrod
Rough blazing star
Dotted blazing star
Evening primrose
Narrow-leaved purple coneflower
Sweet scented Joe pye weed
Hairy false golden aster

Wetlands, bog, marsh, lake
Long Lake Conservation Center, Blaine Wetland Sanctuary, Wollan Park, Carlos Avery WMA, Boot Lake SNA
Tuberous grass pink
Rose pogonia
Yellow pond-lily
American white waterlily
Swamp candle
Buckbean (gone to seed)
Wild calla
Labrador tea
Marsh skullcap
Three-leaf false Solomon’s seal (gone to seed)
Purple pitcher plant
Ragged fringed orchid
Shrubby cinquefoil
Purple false foxglove
Purple fringed orchid
Flat-topped white aster
Twisted yellow-eyed grass (state endangered)
Sullivant’s milkweed (state threatened)
Swamp milkweed
Spotted Joe-pye weed
Common boneset
Steeple bush
Bulblet-bearing water hemlock
Marsh hedge nettle
Arrow-leaved tearthumb
Fraser’s marsh St. Johnswort
Great St. Johnswort
Marsh cinquefoil
Spoon-leaf sundew in bloom
Round-leaf sundew in bloom
Blood milkwort in bloom

Cherry Grove Blind Valley SNA, Pine Bend Bluffs SNA, Rushford Sand Barrens SNA, Hyland Nature Center
Elliptical shinleaf
Oval-leaf milkweed
Large-leaved aster leaves
American bellflower

IN THE WOODS, June 2020
False Solomon’s seal
Smooth Solomon’s seal


Pin Oak Prairie SNA, Mound Prairie SNA, Hayden Prairie, Highway 56, Mower County
Woolly milkweed
Clasping milkweed (state threatened)
Hoary puccoon
Carolina puccoon
Prairie rose
Large yellow lady’s-slipper
Wild quinine (state threatened)
Glade mallow (state threatened)
Tuberous Indian plantain (state threatened)
Great Indian plantain (state threatened)
Wild sweet William (state threatened)
White wild indigo (state special concern)
Downy phlox
Michigan lily

IN THE WOODS, May 2020
Mound Prairie SNA, Zumbro Falls Woods SNA, French Regional Park, Murphy Hanrehan, Along the roadside off Highway 16 in SE Minnesota, French Regional Park, Cherry Grove Blind Valley SNA, Chimney Rock SNA
Downy rattlesnake-plantain leaves
Large-flowered bellwort
Sessile-leaf bellwort
Virginia spring beauty
Round-lobed and sharp-lobed hepatica
Mayapple in bud, then bloom
Wild blue phlox
Dutchman’s breeches
Squirrel corn
Virginia bluebells
Canadian wild ginger
Trout lily
Wood anemone
Eastern false rue-anemone
Spreading Jacob’s ladder
Downy yellow violet
Jeweled shooting star
Trillium, large-flowered and nodding
Cutleaf toothwort
Showy orchis
Solomon’s seal
Twinleaf after spring snow
Dutchman’s breeches in fruit
Virginia spring beauty in fruit
Blue cohosh
False Solomon’s seal
Virginia waterleaf with bud, then bloom

WETLANDS, May 2020
Quaking Bog, near Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Blaine Wetland Sanctuary
Leatherleaf blooming
Star flower in bud

Mound Prairie SNA, Grey Cloud Dunes SNA, River Terrace Prairie SNA, Iron Horse Prairie, Rushford Sand Dunes SNA, Racine Prairie SNA, Wild Indigo SNA, Shooting Star Prairie SNA, Spring Creek Prairie SNA, Hayden Prairie

Prairie smoke, in bloom and gone to seed
Pasqueflower, in bloom and gone to seed
Puccoon- hoary, and fringed
Blue-eyed grass
Yellow star-grass
Violet wood sorrel
Downy painted cup
Prairie shooting star (state endangered)
Bastard toadflax
Kittentails (state threatened)
Lance-leaved violet (state threatened)
Small white violet
Marsh blue violet
Prairie violet
Bird’s foot violet
Edible valerian (state threatened)
Bladderpod (state endangered)
Small white lady’s-slipper (state special concern)
Wild strawberry
Swamp saxifrage
Starry false Solomon’s seal
Wild geranium
Compass plant leaves
Golden Alexanders
Large-flowered beardtongue
Wild lupine
Plains wild indigo (state special concern)
Beach heather (state threatened)
Rattlesnake master leaves (state special concern)

IN THE WOODS, April, 2020
We visited Zumbro Falls Woods SNA, Cannon River Trout Lily SNA, Hastings SNA, and various stops along the roadside

Dutchman’s breeches
Squirrel corn in bud (we are going back for the bloom!) (state special concern)
Virginia spring beauty
Eastern false rue-anemone
Bluebell buds
Jeweled shooting star leaves
Sharp-lobed and round-lobed hepatica
White and yellow trout lily
Wild ginger
Cut-leaf toothwort, close to blooming
Bellwort leaves
Mayapple just beginning
Trillium in bud
Snow trillium (early April) (state special concern)

ON THE PRAIRIE, April, 2020
We visited Grey Cloud Dunes SNA, Kellogg Weaver Dunes SNA, River Terrace Prairie SNA, and McKnight Prairie

Bird’s foot violet
Prairie smoke just beginning
Prairie buttercup
A few lingering pasqueflower

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